Love in Action

Love in Action (8) — Understanding Grace

This morning, I want to begin by making a statement, and then I’ll spend the rest of the lesson trying to explain why I think this statement is true. I believe that one of the reasons we have difficulty loving people is because we don’t have a good understanding of….

Love in Action (6) — Love Your Neighbor

This morning, we continue in our series on “Love in Action”, but I’d like for us to transition a little bit from how we should love to who we should love. A few years ago, there was a preacher in the Denver area by the name of Jay Pathak who met every month with a…

Love in Action (4) — Don’t Be Afraid

I heard recently about a woman who was getting married, and she had a good friend who wanted to send her a message wishing the happy couple well. She thought I John 4:18 would be an appropriate verse to send, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” …

Love in Action (3) — The Extravagance of Love

Over the years, I have performed a number of weddings, and there’s something that I have said in almost every one of them — “From this day forward, you belong entirely to each other. You will be one in mind, one in heart, one in affection. And whatever sacrifice you will be required to make to preserve this common life, always make it generously…”

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