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                         Schools in Spring Lake:

Manchester Elementary School

Lillian Black Elementary School

William T. Brown Elementary School​ (located in Spring Lake, but serves students in Fayetteville)

Spring Lake Middle School

Pine Forest High School(located in Fayetteville, but serves students in Spring Lake)


Spring Lake Branch
101 Laketree Blvd 
Spring Lake, NC 28390-3189 
(910) 497-3650

Mon-Wed: 9am - 9pm 
Thur-Sat: 9am - 6pm

Sun:  Closed

                                    Bus Information:

Routes and other info


Government Links​:

                          Town Hall


                             Fire Department

                               ​Police Department


                                Recreation and Parks 

Multipurpose Community Center and Walking Trail

Parks in Spring Lake: Mendoza Park, Wilson Avenue Park, Odell Road Park, Woodland West Park, and Ruth Street Park

                          Sanitation Department

                            Water Department