Staff & Leaders

Tom Neal

Tom and Ann have lived in Fayetteville since 1988. Tom is from Alabama, and has been a Christian for over 50 years. Ann is from Charlton, a small village in England. They met while he was serving in the US Air Force at High Wycombe, England. Shortly after they were married, they moved to New Mexico, where Tom flew F-111s. In 1985, Tom had the privilege of baptizing Ann. Tom retired from the Air Force and a property management business. Ann enjoys sending notes and cards of encouragement. On their days off, they like to escape to the beach or spend time with their son in Chapel Hill, NC.

Alan Smith

Alan and Sueanne have lived in the Fayetteville/Spring Lake area for 11 years. Alan grew up in Virginia Beach and Sueanne grew up in San Diego. They met at Freed-Hardeman College and have been married for 40 years. Alan has preached for churches in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee and now serves as the pulpit minister of the Cruciform Church of Christ. In their spare time, they enjoy games, puzzles, vacationing in the mountains and being Papa and Nana to their seven grandchildren.

Joey Watson

Joey and Clair have lived in the Fayetteville/Spring Lake area for 19 years. They both grew up in middle Tennessee, met at church and have been married for 32 years. Joey retired from the Army after 30 years of service and currently works as a contractor. Clair is a Registered Nurse. In their spare time, Joey and Clair enjoy Motocross, hiking, bicycling, and spending time with family (especially the grandchildren).

Leonard and Marquita Johnson

Leonard grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and Marquita grew up here in Fayetteville. They married in 2011. Marquita serves as an AU teacher at Lewis Chapel Middle School. In their spare time, Leonard and Marquita enjoy going to the park, watching movies, listening to music and eating out!

Chris and Amber Davis

Chris and Amber are responsible for coordinating those who serve during our worship service. They have lived in Fayetteville for over 10 years and have been married for 7. Chris is a Tennessee boy and Army veteran, while Amber grew up in North Carolina and Virginia. They have two boys and a girl, and have been licensed foster parents for the past four years. They have a passion for children needing a stable home and often have extra kids in tow with them on the weekends. Chris loves helping others out and building stuff, while Amber enjoys anything from relishing in a book in the few quiet moments of the day to getting together for game nights or a cookout with friends.

Justin and Lori Winans

Justin and Lori have the oversight of our Children’s Bible Classes and coordinate the teachers and materials for those classes. They have lived in the Hope Mills area for 7 years. Justin grew up in Bethesda, Md. and Wilmington, NC. Lori was raised in Chesapeake, Va. and Swansboro, NC. They met in college, where they started dating and eventually married in 2006. Justin currently works as the Director of Campus Recreation at a regional university. Lori is a PE/Health teacher in Harnett County. In their spare time, Justin and Lori travel with their two young children, Jordan and Asher, visiting family and new places!

Richard and Heidi Perry

Richard and Heidi are responsible for keeping our building sparkling with cleanliness and smelling fresh as a daisy. Heidi has lived in North Carolina for 17 years and Richard for 11 years. Richard was an over-the-road truck driver for almost 40 years. Now retired, he is a school bus driver for Cumberland County. Heidi has had several careers in the past but is best known for her passion of Animal Advocacy globally. Richard hales from Messina, New York and Heidi from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Their interests vary from listening to music to spending time outdoors and traveling to visit their families. They have enjoyed wedded bliss for four years and attribute their happiness to keeping God at the center of their lives.

Other Responsibilities

Box Tops For Education — Sylvia Dickens is responsible for cutting and organizing the box tops for Manchester Elementary.

Building Maintenance — Kristyn Root is responsible for taking care of any repairs that need to be made around the church building.

Bulletin Board — Sherri Broglin is responsible for designing and maintaining our bulletin board

Coffee and Muffins — Heidi Perry is responsible for making sure that we have coffee and muffins during our pre-worship fellowship.

Communion Bread — Amber Davis is responsible for making sure that we have communion bread prepared every Sunday.

Facebook — Amber Davis is responsible for maintaining and updating our public Facebook page.

Food Pantry — Jared White is responsible for keeping the Food Pantry orgamized.

Greeters — Leonard and Marquita Johnson serve as our greeters before worship.

​Greeting Cards — Heidi Perry is responsible for creating and supplying any greeting cards that we may need.

Hispanic Liaison — Jorge Orozco serves as our interpreter for any visitors who speak Spanish.

Ladies’ Bible Class — Kristyn Root and Clair Watson are responsible for teaching our Thursday Ladies’s Bible Classes.

Lord’s Table — Richard Perry is responsible for setting up the Lord’s Table every Sunday morning.

Nursing Home Ministry — Marquita Johnson is exploring ways that we can reach out to a nursing home in the area to be a blessing to them.

Photos — Heidi Perry is responsible for taking photos at church events.

PowerPoint — Kristyn Root is responsible for setting up and running any PowerPoint presentations that are used during worship.

Prayer Warriors — Kristyn Root spends time at our Community Food Pantry praying with those who request it.

Preparing Meals — Amber Davis is responsible for making sure that meals are taken to those families in need (sickness, death, new babies, etc.)

Slide Shows — Stormy Ripley is responsible for preparing PowerPoint slide shows that are used before our worship.

Teacher Gift Bags — Sherri Broglin is responsible for preparing gift bags for the teachers at Manchester Elementary School each month.

​​Video Recording — Joey Watson is responsible for recording sermons and special events.

Visitor Gift Bags — Stormy Ripley is responsible for preparing gift bags for visitors to our worship service.

Website — Alan Smith is responsible for maintaining and updating our church website.